10 Jahre Goldhahn

10 years of Goldhahn


1 – Bringing research to the masses

There are more than 40,000 researchers at work in Switzerland. They work in labs for days and nights, develop new processes, and interview people about their working and living conditions. They measure health data, climb mountains, trek through deep snow, draw water samples, and count animal populations. They drill cores in the ice and shoot particle beams at the tiniest specks for examination. After all of this, they analyze millions of pieces of data. They publish their results every year in tens of thousands of scientific publications. But the public learns relatively little about all this research. We are helping to change that.

2 – Guided by our ambition

“We make science comprehensible.” By vividly describing research projects and translating the results into exciting findings, we promote understanding of scientists’ work and make it accessible to the public. And in turn, that strengthens trust in science.

3 – Customized communication

We all have our own idea of what constitutes good communication. At GOLDHAHN, our task is to implement our clients’ preferences and requirements so that the result triggers a high response from their target group.

4 – A network built on knowledge and talent

We ensure the high quality of our work by attracting talented professionals from a wide range of fields. To do this, we maintain our network and use it to recruit the right experts for every project.

5 – Focus on our strengths

As a small agency, we focus on our strengths in strategic communication, content production, and editing. We are professionals in our field and have a network of reliable, quality-focused partners who we can rely on when an assignment needs additional expertise or skills.

6 – Good editing is worth its weight in gold

Powerful texts need to be fine-tuned and polished. Our editors check, critique and improve. As a rule, “if something is easy to read, it was hard to write” (Enrique Jardiel Poncela). Good thing we’re professionals.

7 – Professionally correct, yet readable

We can clearly explain even the most abstract topics. To ensure that our texts are correct and easy to understand, we seek feedback from experts and laypersons. That is how we make research findings understandable and appealing to different audiences.

8 – The power of images

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. We know the value of appropriate photos, graphics, and visualizations for scientific topics. That is why we use them specifically to enhance our texts.

9 – We are proud of our work

Nothing makes us feel prouder than when we complete a project and get people excited about research topics. It motivates us to give it our all again for the next project.

10 – The final product is crucial

 “Leave it how it is…” We strive for perfection. We are not satisfied with average solutions and outcomes.